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? All the functions are controlled by a digital
microprocessor which continuously monitors safety and
? Four cut modes: pure cut, blend 1, blend 2 and blend 3
? Coagulation modes: spray coagulation and bipolar
? Use together with various shapes of reusable electrodes
including loop electrode, bayonet electrode, needle
electrode, ball electrode, short electrode and conical
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? High-resolution digital display indicates maximum
power level for each mode
? Power setup memory under cut or coagulation modes
? Three operation modes: double footswitch control and/or
handpiece control or independent footswitch control
? Waterproof shielded front panel buttons which are easy
to clean and sterilize
? Power adjustment through pushbuttons which is quick,
accurate and volume adjustable

? Pure cut, blend 1, blend 2, blend 3: 100W (700?)
? Spray coagulation: 100W (300 ?)
? Bipolar coagulation: 50W  (100 ?)
? Power supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
? Operating frequency: 480 kHz
? Dimensions: 150mm (H) X 245mm (W) X 260mm (D)
? Weight: 3.5 kg
HF120B leep treatment unit