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SLC 2000 digital video colposcope series

SLC 2000 digital video colposcope series

Internal CCD Imaging Unit - SONY HAD CCD
Light Source - LED Loop-Group light source
Magnification - 1-36x
Effective Operation Range (working distance) - 200-300mm, depending on magnification
Imaging Mode:
     - Normal Imaging Mode:
           - Natural light Imaging
           - Spot Subtraction Imaging
           - Dim light Imaging
     - Green Filter Imaging Mode:
           - Electronic Green Filter (three grades)
     - Picture Freeze Function
Image Labeling Mode: 
     - Timing display (acetic acid or iodine staining reflection timing mark)
     - Magnification times display
     - Focus mode display
Focus Mode:
     - Auto Focus (picture focused on center of measurement area) 
     - Manual Focus
     - Manual Position Focus
       (the lens is slightly adjusted to a position within a limited distance)

Mounting Stand:
Vertical Stand
Swing Arm Stand (optional)
A powerful tool for cervical cancer screening
The Goldway SLC-2000 digital video colposcope offers clinicians an illuminated, magnified view of the cervix and tissues of the vagina and vulva.

As a screening tool for early detection of precancerous lesions, the SLC-2000B provides insight into relevant pathology changes of tissue shape and color with magnification of up to 36x.