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UT 3000 fetal/maternal monitor

UT 3000 fetal/maternal monitor
Reliable monitoring for fetus and mother
The UT3000 Fetal/Maternal Monitor provides reliable monitoring for both mother
and fetus during the antepartum periods.
It provides integrated monitoring of fetal heart rates, uterine activity and fetal
movement, along with Maternal NIBP and SpO2/PR.
The UT3000’s portable design allows monitoring in a variety of clinical situations.
It can be moved easily from patient to patient using the integrated handle or by
mounting on a roll stand.

Standard parameters/waveforms:
     - Single fetus monitoring (FHR)
     - Uterine contraction (TOCO)
     - Fetal movement
     - Twin fetus monitoring (FHR)
     - Maternal NIBP/SpO2
     - Fetal waker device
7” color TFT display, 3 waveform channels
External 110 mm printer
Manual fetal movement marker, visible on waveform display and recording
Audible and visual alarms
NIBP with manual, auto, and STAT modes
Philips SpO2 compatible with Philips adult sensors
72 hour trend graph, 200 sets Trend Table
IPX 8 rated transducers
1.5 hour battery life